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Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance

Slaughter doing what they do on an AraabMUZIK beat, their album “Welcome to: OUR HOUSE” drops May 15th, best lyrical group by the bar!


Eye Candy – Kate Upton

Kate Upton posing for Muse magazine with a Marilyn Monroe look. If you did what every other male does and picked up the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue she may look familiar from the cover, all I can think of is wow.


Big Sean Confirms Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa & No I.D. For His Sophomore Album

Finally Famous got a lot of play last summer in my car and with Sean stating his sophmore album is going to take his sound to “another level”  it will be a definite purchase for me. Here’s what Sean had to say below:

          “There’s going to be some Kanye production. We had a couple of Kanye productions for the first one but they didn’t make the cut. One got sample clearance, couldn’t get the sample cleared in time, and the other one we just didn’t think it fit the album. Yeah, we got a lot of stuff on deck. No I.D., we’ve got a song that’s going to change the world. It’s very inspiring. The inspiration, when you’re inspired, when you get inspired, that’s the best thing to do, through your music. I could tell you it’s an inspirational record that’s going to change the world. One verse, I rap from a perspective and the other, I rap from a crazy perspective. It’s a concept record, it’s crazy.”

Drake speaks on Rappers taking shots at him as of late

Drake weighs in on the recent shots taken at him by Pusha T, Common, & Future below. I guess Drake’s sticking to his bars on successful when he said,

I want it all thats why I strive for it, diss me and you’ll never hear a reply for it”

– Drake  “Successful” So Far Gone

Drakes take: “I’ve got no issues with him,” he says of Future, who was upset that Drake didn’t appear in his video, “Tony Montana.” “I’m happy I got on the song.” Pusha T, who once cryptically rhymed that, “the swag doesn’t match the sweaters,” gets off easy, too. “I’ve been really open about my love for the Clipse,” he says. “I don’t know, maybe that guy is bored.” Ludacris, who was accused of stealing Big Sean and Drake’s hashtag flow, also receives a halfhearted smack down, “That’s a case of someone trying to use my marketing money to get things going again for themselves. That didn’t affect my day, my month, my year. I didn’t take any of that seriously.”








Usher feat. Joe Budden – Climax (Remix)

Joe doesn’t disappoint on Usher’s latest track. (Download-Listen)